2 thoughts on “Best of OnWords

  1. KMCRVgeocaching

    My only comment is I MISS paper back versions of all the C.K.M.’s..
    Please come up with a solution to get back to writing this cool series in paper back instead of reading and reviewing others books.
    We want more C.K.M.’s with the Geocaching twists…
    How about it??

  2. Russ Post author

    Funny you mention it. I have just finished a first draft of my latest Cliff Knowles Mystery and it has quite a bit of geocaching in it, although it is not themed on geocaching per se. It will be available in paperback eventually, like all the other CKMs. The book is currently in the hands of beta readers for comments and proofreading. Look for posts about it in the coming weeks or possibly a couple of months.

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