Shoe size survey final results

Some time back I posted a survey asking people to share their shoe sizes. That’s because I have very small feet and have trouble buying shoes and even socks. I was curious to see how much of an oddball I really was … with regard to feet anyway. Some people probably thought I had a foot fetish, but actually I find feet rather unattractive as bodily features go. Anyway, I now have 97 valid responses, of which 69 are male and 28 female and I’ve decided that’s enough to show the final results for males. I’m afraid not enough women responded to put much analysis into it, but I’ll post some figures below. For now, look at this chart for the men (click to enlarge).

Shoe size

It confirms my suspicions that I am really at one extreme. Of all the responses, only one male had smaller feet than me, and he is only 66-67″ tall. I’m shown as 70 inches, but I’m actually a little over 71″. The choices were in two-inch units. He was also a teenager, so he can be expected to have larger feet (and more height) later. Of all the responders, mine shows the greatest distance to the left of the black trend line, which means I have the smallest shoe size relative to height of any male surveyed. There were some that were at least as far to the right of the trend line, indicating large feet for their height, but they were all or nearly all young men age 13 – 16. Their feet are probably just growing faster than their leg bones. Their height will probably catch up after their feet stop growing, and they’ll move up into the mainstream area.

The average male shoe size was 10.9 and the average height was 70.7 inches (adjusted for the two-inch units.) The most common size for male responders was 12, with 9-1/2 and 14 coming in close behind. See the next graph. Since my survey only went to size 14, that size 14 bar is actually 14 or larger. The survey is totally unscientific, of course, and I expect that people with unusually large or small shoe sizes were more likely to respond than others, so a true normal curve would probably be higher in the middle and shallower at the ends. That would actually make me more of a rare specimen (sounds better than oddball) than the graph shows.


Women, I’m sorry I don’t have pretty graphs for your results, but your average shoe size was 8.5 exactly and average height 65.4 inches. The most common sizes were 7 and 8, with 5 people each. The height ranged from 60 inches to 76 inches.

I’ve left the survey up for now, but I’ll be deleting it in a few days in case you want to take it, but I will not be reanalyzing the responses.

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