Mother’s Cookies – no more Macaroons

I used to love Mother’s Macaroons, but I noticed my wife hadn’t bought them in ages. I put them on the grocery list but she came back saying she couldn’t find them. I looked online, and sure enough, they are no longer made. Mother’s Cookies, which was primarily a west coast brand, is now owned by Kellogg. Mother’s went bankrupt in 2008 during the financial crisis and amid an accounting scandal and sold its recipes and brand to Kellogg’s. Many of the varieties have been brought back, at least to the west coast, including English Tea Cookies and Oatmeal, but I haven’t seen macaroons in a long time. There are some indications online that they were available in 2015, but I can’t find any references newer than that. This wouldn’t be so bad if Kellogg’s replaced them with some other brand of macaroons, but my wife has not been able to find any in the four or five markets she frequents.

Kellogg’s, I’m mad at you! Bring back macaroons!


Edit May 2018: we tried Mother’s Coconut Cocadas. They’re terrible. There’s no coconut taste or texture and hardly even sweet. Just crunchy flour. Avoid them.

20 thoughts on “Mother’s Cookies – no more Macaroons

  1. Glass of Milk

    I agree with the May 2018 post , the cocadas are tasteless. I loved Mother’s Macarrons growing up they were my favorite. I recently started craving them and went in search for them only to find out they are no longer in existence. Mother’s Macaroons will be missed.

  2. candy palencia

    well this is not what I wanted to hear but it explains why I have not been able to find them please bring them back

  3. Liz

    You all should try Mrs.Thinsters Cookie Thins Toasted Coconut cookies. They taste just like, if not better than what the Mothers brand tasted like.

    Ive been using these as substitutes since an old family recipe relies heavily on the coconut macaroon cookie. And everyone would be greatly depressed if I didn’t have the right ingredients!

  4. Sharon mourning Crosby

    I’m so disappointed i loved Coconut Macaroons there’s nooooo substitute!!!!please please bring them back.I’m like M.C. Hammer Can’t no other cookie touch this!!!😭😭😭

  5. Paulette Marin

    I am extremely disappointed too. My recipe for
    my strawberry dessert cake called for those cookies crushed & mixed with strawberries. There is no substitute for those cookies. Please bring them back.



  7. Linda

    I have not tried Mother’s cookie for years. I love the new English Tea, but only the shell, not filling. It has such a delicate taste that no cookie has. I strongly recommend they sell the new English tea without filling.

    The posts here reminded me the Macaroon that my ex and I liked. Yes, bring them back.

  8. Russ Post author

    Linda, you’re right that the English Tea are good, but the last three or four packages my wife bought were badly made – broken pieces, filling not spread evenly, cookie separating from the filling, etc. We stopped buying them.

  9. Kristy Wittekind

    My daughter is the one who brought the changes up to me. She loved the striped fudge cookies when she was younger but she noticed a difference in the cookies and now i can tell her why! Kellogg…You should have learned this by now: If It Isn’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!!!! Why didn’t you just leave well enough alone. In 2008, my daughter was still young, she’s young now to this day and if her young taste buds could taste the difference, then you know you must have messed things up pretty good. Get your ego out of the game and bring back the original Mother’s recipes! Pretty Please and Thank You Very Much!! Kristy and daughter Jenni!!

  10. Chef Jack Ferneley

    Taking the Mother’s Coconut Macaroon cookies from adoring and loyal consumers of this product is a complete travesty. Ordinarily, the recipe of an iconic and a beloved food product lives on in the public domain via the recipe being published either by a former employee or person with accurate knowledge of the ingredient listing and cooking methodology; however, extensive research has revealed no such good fortune for the millions of consumers who still love and miss them terribly.

    Other than widespread protests and threats to Boycott the Kellogg empire demanding a return to production of the Coconut Macaroon cookies, there is little or nothing to be done about the situation. Unless of course a former Mother’s baker or other past employee can be convinced or enticed to reveal their knowledge to the world at large.

    Because this product is so unique, copycat recipes or ‘almost like’ ballpark estimates are never going to be any kind of solution. Nothing other than the original recipe and production methodology will suffice.

    If you possess the recipe, or know of someone who does, please share it with the world.

  11. Beverly james

    Mothers coconut crunchy macaron cookie was the best in the market. The only thing that comes close is Tate’s and they are expensive . Mothers should bring this cookie back. Or at least reveal the recipe

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