Bring back Grape-Nuts Flakes!

For several months now my wife has been unable to find Post Grape-Nuts Flakes in the stores. It’s my favorite cereal, but I can no longer get it. I believe it has been discontinued since I see it is no longer listed on the Post website as one of their brands. Amazon lists it as “currently unavailable.”

One of my most viewed posts is when I complained about Mother’s cookies no longer making macaroons. Many agreed with me, but to no avail. Maybe I’ll have better luck this time. I’m hoping it’s due to some shortage because of the pandemic.

Post, I implore you, bring back my favorite cereal!

8 thoughts on “Bring back Grape-Nuts Flakes!

  1. Ronald Round

    This is the only cereal that I CAN EAT I’ve tried others but nothing is like GRAPENUY FLACKES. I’ve searched all the stores in my vicinity with no luck, are they not a good seller of Post. TOO bad!!!

  2. Russ Post author

    Update on 10/12/20. Three boxes of Grape-Nut Flakes arrived today unexpectedly. It turns out I had gone to the Amazon website and ordered those several months ago and gotten a message that they were out of stock. A message popped up asking me if I wanted to be notified when they become available. I had clicked yes. However, I was never notified. They just fulfilled the order without telling me. I don’t know if Post has resumed making these, or Amazon found some old, stale boxes somewhere. Be on the lookout in your local stores. There may be hope!

  3. Gigi

    This is my favorite cereal too and have not been able to find in any stores in SD, search all major grocery stores in the area as well as other stores that carry grocery items. Hoping is is just a shortage of something and it will be back on the shelves soon.

  4. Teresa Driver

    Grape Nuts was always my Dad’s favorite breakfast cereal and after he died of brain cancer l decided to start eating this cereal again so l could remember some of the great times l had with my Father. Now l can not find them anywhere. Please, they took away Sen Sen anise flavored mints that we used to enjoy together and now l can’t find his cereal!!!! Help Me!!!!

  5. David Weintraub

    I eat Grape Nuts (NOT these new fangled Flakes…geez!) every day and I have noticed their absence on and off since the pandemic … I can not believe that there is not more of an outcry! This is the first thing on Google that came up in response to my query whether or why there was a grape nut shortage. What’s going on Mr. Mrs and Ms. Post?

  6. Ronald Mealey

    Grape nuts cereal was great the new flakes and other off brands are not even close. I will try some other brands hope to see this cereal on the shelves soon

  7. Mike Williams

    Post blew this – they have no trouble stuffing store shelves with unhealthy, sugar-laced pap. They should sell the formula and process to a responsible manufacturer

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