Mother’s Cookies – no more Macaroons

I used to love Mother’s Macaroons, but I noticed my wife hadn’t bought them in ages. I put them on the grocery list but she came back saying she couldn’t find them. I looked online, and sure enough, they are no longer made. Mother’s Cookies, which was primarily a west coast brand, is now owned […]

Bring back Grape-Nuts Flakes!

For several months now my wife has been unable to find Post Grape-Nuts Flakes in the stores. It’s my favorite cereal, but I can no longer get it. I believe it has been discontinued since I see it is no longer listed on the Post website as one of their brands. Amazon lists it as […]

Best of OnWords

Every once in a while I review which posts get the most views. Below is a list of posts that were most clicked on in 2019. Many were posted in earlier years. These are ordered by popularity. Shoe Size Survey Final Results Mother’s Cookies – no more Macaroons Cliff Knowles Mysteries are now FREE! Political […]