Mass shootings and bombings

Consider the following table of the 21 worst mass shootings in the U.S. since 1949:


Killer No. killed Killer’s race/religion Year Other
Seung-Hui Cho 32 Korean 2007
Adam Lanza 28 White 2012
George Hennard 23 White 1991 Vet
James Huberty 21 White 1997
Charles Joseph Whitman 18 White 1966 Vet
Patrick Henry Sherrill 14 White 1986
Syed Farook/Tashfeen Malik 14 Arab/Muslim 2015
Jiverly Wong 13 Chinese 2009
Eric Harris/Dylan Klebold 13 White 1999
Kwan Fai Mak/Benjamin Ng 13 Chinese 1983
Nidal Malik Hasan 13 Arab/Muslim 2009 active dutysoldier
George Banks 13 Mixed black/White 1982
Howard Unruh 13 White/Jewish 1949 Vet
Aaron Alexis 12 Black 2012 Vet
James E. Holmes 12 White 2012
Mark Barton 12 White 1999
Michael McLendon 10 White 2010
Christopher Harper-Mercer 9 White 2015
Dylann Roof 9 White 2015
Jeff Weise 9 Amer. Indian 2005

The data I reviewed goes to 30 but I got tired of formatting the html. The rest of the killers did not include any Arabs or Muslims. If you look at the 10 worst bombings in U.S. history, they range from the worst: Timothy McVeigh, a white army vet and killer of 169 to Ramzi Yousef, the only Muslim in the group, who barely squeezed in with a body count of 6.

The conclusion is obvious. The categories of people who are the most dangerous to us are, in order: gun lovers, males, whites, current or former U.S. military, Chinese or other east Asian. I propose that we ban all people falling in any of these categories from entering the United States. We should have the FBI start a registry on all these categories and track them all.

All right, I’m being flip over a very serious subject. I have left out the 9/11 attack which dwarfs all of these because it was neither a shooting nor a bombing. I do not mean to minimize that horrific attack or the evil character of ISIS and Al Qaeda. I’m all for tough action against both, although I’m not sure what that consists of. The soldiers of those organizations are fighting from behind computer screens, using bizarre propaganda to turn the minds of unstable, hate-filled people around the world to kill randomly. The foot soldiers in Iraq and Syria pose us no danger as long as we don’t go there and put ourselves in the line of fire. But the important thing I want to convey is that we should know who our real enemy is. You and I are at least ten times as likely to be shot and killed by that white guy next door who carries a gun “to protect us from those evil Muslims” than we are by a Muslim terrorist. It’s probably closer to a thousand times more likely. Don’t let racist bigotry drive your fears. I want you to be safe.


Sources: Fox News, CNN, Wikipedia