Our Ignorant Newsies – KPIX news edition

Do you remember that famous YouTube post from the guy complaining to Verizon that they overcharged him because they quoted the wrong rate? Apparently no one in the entire Verizon employment structure understands what a decimal point is. If not, here’s the a link to the original. It’s hilarious. Verizon Can’t do Math – YouTube original.

Well, it appears that KPIX news reporters are equally dumb. Last night when they reported on the quarter cent sales tax change in San Mateo and the half cent change in South San Francisco the graphic displayed $0.25 and $0.50. For you math-impaired, those figures represent a quarter dollar and half dollar, not a quarter cent and half cent. A dollar is 100 times larger than a cent, a concept that seems to be lost on KPIX. If KPIX is right, if you bought something for one dollar, you’d have to pay $1.50 with tax in SSF.

Edit: 11/6/15 They did it again tonight. The graphic banner spelled casualty as casuality, whatever that is.