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What3Words is a company that provides a unique service. It has named every spot (3 meters square) on the globe using a set of three words. The intent is to provide a way of identifying locations, especially those without normal addresses, such as rural areas or ocean waypoints, with a unique identifier that is easier to remember than a set of coordinates. Click on the above link and enter a specific location, e.g. coordinates, address, or name into the search box, then click on the magnifying glass. The page will return a three-word “address” at the bottom of the page. The identifiers are randomly assigned. You can also search the opposite way. Enter three words, separated by periods, into the box and if all three words are in their database, the map will send you to the corresponding location. It has many uses, but I have devised my own: finding interesting or amusing word combinations that are oddly appropriate to the location, or perhaps ironic or even totally inappropriate. I will provide a few below, but I encourage you to add as a comment any surprising or entertaining combinations you find. Note that a location such as a building may have many combinations that apply to it, since if you move three meters (about 10 feet) any direction you’re in a different square. Feel free to change the punctuation or spacing to improve the result.


continental.united.states = a spot in Wyoming. The chance of it being anywhere in the continental U.S. is only about 1.5%, but this spot is only about 500 miles from the geographic center of the continental United States (about a 4/10 of 1% chance).

enjoyable.civic.impact = Apple HQ in Cupertino, CA

jumpy? float? bump!, next loss: couple = Golden Gate Bridge (famous for its many suicide jumpers)

Petty, vast knots, stays same really = the U.S. Capitol Bldg.

Hill.Opera.debit = War Memorial Opera House (on a hill in San Francisco and still being paid for)

National.wildlife.refuge = a spot in E. Angola proposed for Mussuma National Park, to be joined with Liuwa National Park, a wildlife Refuge in Zambia 20 mi. away.

speeds.spoke.moves = The London Eye

prosecuted, spells restraints = San Quentin Prison

The White House has many, some to satisfy every political view:
regime: enjoyable income
Guilty! Mental! Reduce
poster saying “Cheat!”
answer? obey, agreed
result.hype.today (middle of the west wing)
comb.backed.bucket ( ” )
square.oath.melt (Oval Office)

lowest.level.since = middle of Washington D.C.

deep.ocean.trench = middle of nowhere near Great Falls, Montana at 3600 ft. elevation

grow.fats.tour = Graceland Mansion, Memphis, Tennessee

young.people.today live in Wheaton, Ill. but you may be surprised to learn that the public.broadcasting.service is in a remote area of Queensland, Australia, National.Public.Radio is in Kosovo, and the central.intelligence.agency is hiding out in a field in Barton, Ark.

W3W says that Sweden has rapid.economic.growth while Norway has health.insurance.coverage.


It turns out the word trump is one of the valid W3W words, so you can do a lot with that.

Trump.country.whites live in northeast Alaska, but then so do people.against.trump. Others may think Trump.saves.country but unfortunately the country is China (near Anhui).

Please add your own in the comments (if they’re entertaining).

I have a tool that will return up to 100 word combos for a location, such as your house or office. If you would like me to send you a list for a location of interest to you, contact me through the Contact link in the top menu and provide me with the address or other information sufficient for me to find it on a map and I will send you a list. Please refer to this post, since I get contacts about other unrelated posts.


6 thoughts on “What3words Name Game

  1. Anonymous

    extremely.remote.location = Siberian Arctic coast
    polite.people.reside = somewhere in Saskatchewan

  2. Russ Post author

    until.proven.guilty = a New Jersey river just off NY harbor, seems fitting in a Godfather sort of way. The people of Groveton, VA will be happy to know that they are upper.middle.class. Skyros, Greece, an island, is about.climate.change as it is only 125 feet above sea level

  3. Russ Post author

    The students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL survive.reflect.gather there.


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