Varsity Blues update

As of today fifteen defendants have pled guilty in the Varsity Blues case. That’s the one where parents, using money to bribe coaches and test personnel, cheated to get their kids into colleges. Here’s a list of those people:


  • Felicity Huffman
    Augustin Huneeus, Jr.
    Davina Isackson
    Bruce Isackson
    Peter Sartorio
    Stephen Semprevivo
    Devin Sloane
    Gordon Caplan
    Gregory Abbott
    Marcia Abbott
    Jane Buckingham
    Robert Flaxman
    Marjorie Klapper
    Toby MacFarlane
    John Vandemoer


Vandemoer was a coach. All the rest are parents. The longest prison sentence so far is for five months (Huneeus), followed closely by four months for Semprevivo and Sloane. The coach, although sentenced to only one day in jail (time served), received six months of home confinement, the longest confinement sentence. Four other parents have pled guilty but they haven’t yet been sentenced. All of these convicted defendants were charged by way of information, the typical procedure used when a plea deal has been worked out in advance of charging. All those who were charged by indictment, seventeen more in all, have not pled guilty and have not gone to trial. Lori Loughlin and her husband are the best known of those.

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