The Wife Between Us by Hendricks and Pekkanen

The Wife Between UsThe Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A few weeks ago I finished The Last Mrs. Parrish and reviewed it here. I could barely squeeze out two stars on that one. This one is so much like that one I thought one of them had to be a direct rip-off of the other. This is the more recent of the two by publication date, so I guess this one is the plagiarized version. The plots and characters are nearly identical. Even the audiobook readers sound almost the same. In short, the characters are all very dislikeable, although for different reasons, the plot is all too predictable, and none of it is believable. This one is slightly better written than that one, so I can give it a legitimate two stars instead of a barely squeezed out two stars. I just now noticed that reader reviews of that book named this one as a book to read if you liked Parrish. If I’d only seen that before I could have spared myself the experience here.

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