Mandarin Robocall

Today our house phone rang with an unknown number in the caller display,  so as usual I let it go to voice mail.  When I listened to the message it was in Mandarin and was clearly a commercial robocall. Now I have no tolerance for Trump’s Make America White Again campaign, but I do understand the populist sentiment behind it. I’m a white guy (mostly) and never had to experience what it’s like to be a minority, but it was a bit disconcerting to realize that there are now so many Chinese in my area  that mass marketers are using Mandarin because that language is as likely as English (or more so) as being the primary language in the household with the 650 area code. The local high schools used to teach only Spanish and French as a second language. Now Mandarin is the most popular. I don’t know if they even offer the other two. has ISO posts for Mandarin tutors virtually every day.  It’s a changing world.

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