The Cliff Knowles Mysteries

I started this blog in part to promote my books, so perhaps I should include a reference to them in my posts. Both novels are mysteries in the “police procedural” genre. My purpose in writing them was largely to show the real FBI, not the versions shown on TV or in the movies. Actually, there are usually two versions: the good FBI and the bad FBI. The good FBI is usually depicted as all-American superheroes, engaged in car chases and shootouts, going after serial killers, and emerging victorious. The bad FBI is shown as arrogant, lacking street smarts, spying on citizens or constantly trying to horn in on the big “glory” cases that the local police are actually solving. Neither portrayal is accurate.

They say to write about what you know, so I did. Both books are pure fiction. I often get FBI friends tell me they know who that character is, or who it is “supposed to be.” I have incorporated elements of some real-life people into my characters, but none of them is supposed to be anyone in real life, or even closely modeled after anyone. The cases — the mysteries themselves — are largely based on real events, if not real characters, although I have taken considerable literary license to spice things up. Rather than go into further detail, I’ll just suggest you read my books to get the real picture. There’s a link to my books, the Cliff Knowles Mysteries, in the top menu bar. If you’re waiting for a third Cliff Knowles mystery, you won’t be disappointed. More news on that later.

#2 in the Cliff Knowles Mysteries

Cached Out

Book #1 in the Cliff Knowles Mysteries

Held for Ransom

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