Shingrix shingles vaccine

I haven’t posted anything for a while so I thought I’d prove I’m still alive. Three days ago I received my second (and final) shingles vaccine. I had one a few years ago, but supposedly that type wasn’t all that effective, so medicine developed a stronger, more effective vaccine known as Shringrix. It requires two shots, spaced a few weeks apart. I’m glad this is the end of it because this one was painful.

The shot itself was okay. No one likes getting stuck with a needle, but it didn’t bother me at the time. I’ve never been afraid of needles nor sensitive to vaccines like flu shots. But now my shoulder is still very tender and sore and there’s a noticeable red rash running down halfway to my elbow.  I’m not trying to scare people off, because the disease is much, much worse. You don’t want to get shingles. I’ll post a link to a good article about the vaccine and the disease below. Stay safe and stay healthy.

A New Shingles Vaccine: Prepare for Harsher Side Effects

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