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I’m interested in how others fill their free time. Please respond to this survey. When I tested it on the SurveyMonkey site it allowed participants to add comments to each question. If you have trouble doing that, you can add a comment here on this blog. I’m too cheap to buy the pro version, so I’m restricted to 10 questions. Therefore, I couldn’t be too specific and had to restrict answers to broad categories and lump some things together. Please do give me specifics wherever possible. I’m mainly interested in things I could do, so I’ve eliminated babysitting grandchildren or running a retirement “business” but if you have an activity you think should be included and it’s not there, try to find a place for it.

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I was sure that I had made the results public, but SurveyMonkey just told me they weren’t so I think I have remedied that. Here is the link to see the results: Results

3 thoughts on “Retiree Activity Survey

  1. Russ Post author

    I just took my own survey. I’m adding this comment to specify activities I do: geocaching, cryptography, puzzles (making/solving crosswords, acrostics, etc.), writing (novels, blog, etc.), book club, running. I was not able to add comments in the survey itself. I’ll try to find a way to allow, perhaps by posting a link direct to the SurveyMonkey site.

  2. Jerry

    I probably do 5-8 hours a week of walking the dog, and sometimes get more than 5 hours a week of “real” exercise. Also some weeks there’s more socializing. My weeks can be quite varied with trips out of town for several days or more at least 5 times a year. Sometimes I read more than 10 hours if you count newspapers, magazines, and other media.

    There’s 1-2 hours a week managing finances and related personal tasks. Finally just keeping the house running seems like at least 1-2 hours a day.

  3. John Toebes

    A couple comments on my entry…
    I spend quite a bit of time volunteering at the local high school coaching robotics (FIRST Tech Challenge), Science Olympiad (CodeBusters and Hovercraft) and basic upkeep of the MakerSpace. It is surprisingly easy to get heavily involved with FIRST without even realizing it. During the height of the season, it can almost be a full time job worth, but much more fulfilling and keeps you on your toes.

    Two other things that didn’t fit into the survey but take up my time is construction of our retirement house and quite a bit of free-lance consulting.

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