A Ragtime Nightmare – guitar arrangement

Okay, not everybody can be Ton Van Bergeyk, but if you love ragtime guitar as I do you can find a way to play some of his masterpieces. I had no chance of playing it as written on the tab, so I simplified it enough so that I could hack it out but it’s still fiendishly difficult, at least for me. You sure don’t see a lot of other guitarists putting up videos of this piece, so I don’t feel so bad that I’m sloppier on this one than on my other videos. I learned this years ago, but let it go forgotten for a long time until I revived it recently. This is my Taro resonator. The tuning is drop D. If you want to see and hear the full arrangement played flawlessly search the name Johnson Hogg on YouTube.

A Ragtime Nightmare by Tom Turpin

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