Our Ignorant Newsies – Good Morning America edition

Today GMA reported that the NTSB had recommended school buses install “automatic breaking.” This text on the screen next to a picture of a bus that had badly broken in a fatal crash. No! No! No! It’s braking, not breaking. Then their reporter said removing 100 pounds of weight from your car will decrease fuel efficiency by 1%. No again. It will increase fuel efficiency. It decreases fuel usage. Is it any wonder our youth today can’t spell or do math when these are the kinds of examples they see. ABC is not some podunk 5000-watt radio station in Fresno (Ted Baxter’s line from the Mary Tyler Moore show if you don’t recognize it). They’re big enough and rich enough to hire people who can spell and understand simple concepts like increasing versus decreasing.

Edit 5/26/18: NBC Nightly News had a caption on some story saying something about a “laywer” (sic). Really, can’t they just buy a spellchecker?

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