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It’s been two weeks since I posted, so I suppose I should post something. The election and Biden’s victory have certainly changed the national dialog. I hope things return to normal, or as normal as possible in the middle of a pandemic. Maybe now my grandchildren won’t have to worry about being thrown into cages and tortured if they try to cross the border, although that’s closed to non-essential travel right now.

We just bought a new stove. The cooktop is induction, so we have to get rid of all our non-magnetic cookware, such as the copper-bottom pans. We also got a new television. It’s only slightly larger than the old one, but it’s a newer generation and can run YouTube TV, which we signed up for. U-verse was getting ridiculously expensive. These are new things requiring getting used to.

2 thoughts on “New stuff

  1. Bob and Linda Smith

    Russ, my wife and I have been using Induction type cooktops for years now. We really like them and I carry a small magnet with me at all times to test the ferocity of pots and pans we come across. Her favorite stove top or oven, pan is a cast iron skillet. Our grandson has taken to using cast iron in almost anything he cooks and we gave him all our cars iron some years ago. Now we wish we had them back after learning how to clean and take care of them. Your copper bottom pans will make wonderful wall hangers after they are polished to an ultra shine. All the best from Prescott, AZ

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