Murder With Peacocks by Donna Andrews

Murder With Peacocks (Meg Langslow, #1)Murder With Peacocks by Donna Andrews
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I only got about a third of the way through this book, so I may not have given it a fair chance, but it should have hooked me in by that point and it didn’t. Meg is a blacksmith (although there was no evidence of that in the first third) who travels to Yorktown, Virginia to help out (meaning do all the planning work) for not one, but three, weddings, including her mother’s. She’s a total patsy. She meets a sensitive, gorgeous guy who is helping out his mother run the local bridal shop and despite drooling over him she believes her mother when she tells Meg he’s gay. Why? Because he is sensitive and helps his mother run the shop when she’s out of town. So Meg is an idiot and a bigot, too. At least I think so, but I can only assume that at some point later in the book Michael (who follows Meg around like he’s infatuated with her) will be revealed to be straight. Gasp! Who would have thought? Or maybe not. That’s not a spoiler since I haven’t read that far. Maybe I’m wrong. The murder (if it is a murder, since it still hasn’t been ruled a homicide at the time I quit) only takes place almost a third of the way in. The rest is reading about wedding stuff – themes, dresses, fittings, flowers, venues, etc. I had my fill of that and just had to stop.

I only picked up this book because the library recommended list described it as witty and the first of a long series (26 books according to Wikipedia). It won a bunch of awards, although I have no idea how as it was not very witty or funny. Maybe the mystery part was interesting, but it was too slow to develop for me. When you find that you can’t read more than 15 minutes of a book at a time, you know it’s time to move on to something else. In its defense, it was inoffensive and very much like every other cozy mystery I’ve read, so if you like cozies, go ahead and pick it up and ignore my review.

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