Murder at the Geo-Cache by Victoria L.K. Williams

Murder at the Geo-Cache...A Citrus Beach Mystery (Citrus Beach Mysteries Book 3)Murder at the Geo-Cache…A Citrus Beach Mystery by Victoria L.K. Williams
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

As a geocacher I really wanted to like this book, but it just wasn’t very good. The writing was poor and the proofreading non-existent. There were so many errors I can’t even summarize them here, but one I found particularly amusing was when a main character’s farm was described as having barns, fields, and padlocks. (Paddocks in case you were wondering). The writer obviously knows nothing about geocaching. She even spells it wrong. There’s no hyphen in geocache. There are good geocaching-themed murder mysteries out there, but this isn’t one.

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