Law & Order season 21 – a disappointment

One of my favorite television shows was the original Law & Order starring Jerry Orbach as detective Lennie Briscoe. The writing involved complex legal issues in addition to the clever detective work. The acting and writing were excellent. It ran for 20 years, from 1990 to 2010. So I was excited to see it coming back starting tonight in Season 21. The various spinoff series were too gory or sensationalized with an unappealing set of actors. I never watched any of them for more than one episode.

Unfortunately, the reboot is poorly done. I’ve already taken it off my watch list. The writing is bad, the casting is bad, the acting is bad, the main characters are all unlikable, and it’s succumbed to the same problems as the spinoffs – more gore, more swearing, more overall nastiness. My wife called it ham-handed. I can’t recommend it.

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