Fatal Dose is free today!

Fatal Dose is free today on Amazon! There was such a positive response to the free day of Cached Out that I have done the same for Fatal Dose, the third book in the Cliff Knowles Mysteries series.  Please spread the word. Share or repost the link to this page, or to the Amazon page: click for free copy of Fatal Dose.

Today’s the only day! I ask one favor: Please write a review on Amazon.com when you’re done reading it. Authors make books free primarily to get reviews (which help get the book noticed and open up more promotional opportunities). Just a short “Really enjoyed it” is fine if you don’t like to write long reviews.  Even if you don’t think you’ll read it, download it anyway. It’s free, and the more downloads, the higher “sales” ranking it gets, which helps get it more visibility. You don’t have to have a Kindle. Android, Apple, and Microsoft devices all have free Kindle apps.

Free today, 9/26/15

Here’s the book description:

X-rays can kill cancer cells and save lives when administered properly. They can also kill people when things go wrong – a fact learned the hard way by retired FBI agent Cliff Knowles. Hired to unravel the cause of some mysterious overdoses, he gets too close to the truth and finds his own life on the line.

Inspired by actual cases he worked as an FBI agent in Silicon Valley, the author weaves an absorbing tale of greed, technology, and terrorism in this high-tech legal thriller. After reading Fatal Dose you’ll never look at an X-ray machine the same way.

This is a book that should appeal to mystery fans and also to science fiction fans who enjoy medical mysteries like Coma or The Andromeda Strain.