Cryptic Acrostics #2

Last year I wrote about my enjoyment of cryptic acrostics here. Click that link if you don’t understand what they are or want to refresh your recollection. Yesterday I finished another one in my Super Crostics book (author: Thomas Middleton). I thought I’d share with you a few of the definition gems (with explanation provided).

Approving a strange day tour after fifty. (9 letters)
Answer: LAUDATORY (take the letters in DAY TOUR in a “strange way”, i.e. mixed, and place them after L, the Roman numeral for 50, to get the answer, which means approving.)

Rogue! to knock an onion!(11 letters)
Answer: RAPSCALLION (to rap someone is to knock him, followed by scallion, an onion).

One hundred in defective department of learning.(7 letters)
Answer: FACULTY (Roman numeral C placed in FAULTY).

Depressed? Fire a nerd (2 words, 7 letters)
Answer: SAD SACK (SAD=depressed, SACK=fire, as an employee, SAD SACK = a nerd).