Congressman Brad Sherman behaves like a boor

Reposted from a facebook post by a friend:

Rant of the weekend. On this edition we’ll not address “professional” behavior at lounges, but on aircrafts.

Last night I had the pleasure of sitting across this gentleman. (I will not even discuss his demeanor towards the flight attendants). As a productive man, he spent half the flight going through his 3-ring binder and highlighting important parts. Those pages that were not that important, he just ripped and threw on the floor/aisle. I had plans to take a photo of the aftermath of his seat once he deplaned. However, he deplaned and forgot his large briefcase on the floor (karma). Between that and the blanket that he also threw on the ground, it covered most of the carnage he left behind.

Of course you are expecting this to be an uneducated person flying for the first time. Nope. This person has a UCLA undergrad (sorry Bruins!) and a Harvard law degree. His name is Bradley in “Honorable” Brad Sherman, US Representative for California’s 30th District.

I’m still in shock by his disrespect to those around him..and specially for the cleaning crew coming after our flight. It’s common to see trash that has fallen unnoticed to the floor after a long flight. But this intentional behavior is reprehensible from any civilized human being – specially from one of our elected officials.

On a side note, I watched the look of disbelief on the old Scottish couple sitting next to me. I’m just glad they didn’t know that this rude man was a Representative of the USA. Because as an American, I was embarrassed.