Behead Me, Cliff Knowles #6, debuts big!

The sixth Cliff Knowles Mystery is now here and it sold really well on its first day. Thank you to everyone who bought it.

Retired FBI agent Cliff Knowles thought he was being hired by a Fortune 500 company just to find out why their sales of spare parts were down. He soon learns that where there’s money there’s mayhem – and murder. His investigation brings him to southwestern Utah where he finds that an employee of the company he’s investigating recently lost his head – literally. Coincidence? Not a chance. When Cliff decides to venture into the desert to hunt a geocache, he is unaware that he is being hunted, too. In this harrowing tale of greed and guile, Cliff’s survival depends on his only weapon – his wits.

Cliff’s FBI agent wife, Ellen Kennedy, returns to work after her maternity leave ready to pursue criminals of all stripes. Instead she finds that she is assigned to a convicted drug dealer and heroin addict who once attacked Cliff, but to investigate her for an entirely unexpected reason – to help her get a presidential pardon!

Once again Cliff and Ellen end up working together pursuing justice and geocaches in their own inimitable style.

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