Bay Area Mega-to-be has been published

For my geocaching friends and readers who have not already heard, Groundspeak HQ has approved the publication of the event geocache Cachin’ the Bay, aka GC5Z4XF. The date is June 18, 2016. The cache has not yet achieved Mega status (500 or more attendees) since it was just published yesterday, but it is fully expected to reach that status. Already it has 177 Will Attend logs and many of those have indicated multiple family or group members attending.

I am really looking forward to the event and I encourage everyone who enjoys geocaching or even just wants to check it out to come. If you already have a ID, then please log your Will Attend.

Having said that, I must declare my disapproval of the name and the logo and the slogan. For a long time it was agreed that the name would be some variation on BAM! (Bay Area Mega, Bay Area Madness, etc.) The logo was going to be an otter holding a GPS unit. The otter is still on the cache page, although it looks like it’s holding a bar of soap now. The name somehow got changed to Cachin’ the Bay, which sounds like someone threw cash into the waters of the bay. The logo got changed to something that looks like a bug but I think is supposed to be a computer memory chip, and the slogan became “Out of the Garage.” I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. It sounds like a gay pride event for mechanics, but I don’t think that’s its intent. Still, what’s in a name as The Bard once said. It’s going to be great fun, so plan to come on out.