About the Author: Russell Atkinson

I’m a retired FBI agent and lawyer. I don’t believe people are defined by their occupations, at least not entirely, but that tells you something about me worth knowing. Now I write – novels mostly, but I’ve written a lot of non-fiction, too, including this blog. My Cliff Knowles Mysteries feature an FBI agent. I live in Silicon Valley and that’s where the settings of my novels are. They say to write about what you know, so I have. My mysteries are fiction, but just barely. They’re almost all inspired by real cases I worked in the FBI.

I have eclectic interests: writing, cryptography, guitar, geocaching, running, electric vehicles, puzzles, law. I’ve written about all of them. I am not a member of any political party or religious denomination. I have no political agenda. I am pretty much opposed to all political agendas, but that may be considered a political agenda in itself.

If you want to know more, click on the link to the Cliff Knowles Mysteries in the menu and read the materials in the About the Author section there. That’s where I put the stuff that mystery readers want to know about an author.

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  1. jack blackburn

    : I have read a couple of the books already and would like to know of any new ones. thanks

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