What3words in the news – Swift, San Francisco, Sioux

You know the drill: What3words is the website/app that pinpoints 3mx3m squares around the globe and tags them with three words. This works well for first responders and delivery people among others, especially if there is no street address. The word combo is easier to remember than latitude/longitude coordinates. I like to find word combinations that are particularly newsworthy, appropriate, or amusing. Search my blog for more examples. Here are a few more I recently came across.

tailor.swift.concert – Albacete, Spain. Okay, it’s 120 miles from Madrid where Tay Tay performed recently, but that’s still pretty coincidental considering that 85% of the word combinations fall in the oceans, Antarctica or other uninhabited regions.

large.crazy.ranks falls on San Francisco City Hall. Anyone familiar with the dysfunction in that city government will immediately see the connection. But there’s another interesting spot in the same building.

riding.flesh.soon also lands on that building. For those not in the Bay Area, SF City Hall is the most sought after wedding venue in the region. The building itself is beautiful and the staff there often holds mass weddings, especially gay ones during Gay Pride Week.

former.united.nations is located near Buffalo, South Dakota in the heart of the area where nine Sioux tribes were once a united nation.


2 thoughts on “What3words in the news – Swift, San Francisco, Sioux

  1. Russ Post author

    No, it takes quite a bit of work. I find some by concentrating on the words and finding a location using the What3words.com site. I have to try lots of variations. I also find some by concentrating on the location, something interesting or in the news. I wrote a tool (using the W3W API) that will return the 3-word combo for a rectangle enclosing the location. It’s just something fun to do while killing time.


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