Ukraine’s neighbors

Everyone has heard plenty about what’s happening in Ukraine. Russia invaded it and Ukrainian refugees are fleeing. This has been going on for weeks. They’ve mostly been fleeing to neighboring countries. This chart shows Google searches in the U.S. for the four countries that have taken in the most Ukrainian refugees.

The bump for Poland and Hungary back in May 2021 is probably due to interest in their blockage of Gender Equality language at the EU Social Summit. Whatever you think about that, all four of these countries are showing tremendous generosity to the Ukrainian refugees. If you need a geography refresher, here’s a map.

Poland has taken in more than any other country, at least for now. The others listed are next in sheer numbers. Eventually the refugees may settle in other countries. I’ve skipped Russia, which would also be on this list, but many of the “refugees” there were forced there and did not go there to seek refuge. They are more like hostages or POWs.

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