TV driving

Have you ever noticed how people drive on TV? I’m not talking about the car chases or scenes from a distance. They drive like pros there. I’m talking about those close-up shots in the front seat where the driver is talking to a passenger. They wiggle the driving wheel all over the place. If they drove like that in real life they’d flip the car every time they went to the grocery store. Not only that, they don’t look at the road. They look over at the passenger for 30 seconds or more at a time. I can’t pay any attention to what they’re saying because I’m waiting for the crash. Or for the pedestrian to fly over the windshield. Of course I know that they aren’t actually driving. They’re sitting in a car on a flatbed truck and the truck driver is doing all the actual vehicle operation. Which is why all the buildings don’t look right, either. They’re too low when you look out the car window. Is there no TV director in the world who actually drives himself or herself? It’s Hollywood, for heaven’s sake. Everyone drives in LA. Why do they let their actors do that? Sheesh.