The Anagram Times

I’m famous! … sort of. My earlier anagram of the GOP presidential field is now on the cover of The Anagram Times.

The GOP Presidential Candidates

In case you’re anagram impaired, the letters in the left column can be rearranged into the right column.

Jeb Bush

Ben Carson

Ted Cruz

Carly Fiorina

Lindsey Graham

Mike Huckabee

George Pataki

Rand PauL

Rick Perry

Marco Rubio

Rick Santorum

Donald Trump

Bobby Jindal

Chris Christie

John Kasich

Scott Walker

= The Sr. Prince

Black Doc

Tea Partier

Girly Token

Mr. Zip

Lacks Sugar Daddy

Ho Hum NYCer

Wacko Man

Frail Babbler

Cuban Crush

Senator Prude

Hungrier Joke

India Ink

Car Jam Chubby

Ohio Job Crisis