Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

Tesla Effect

I am no gamer. I proved that with this one. My skills at finding hidden objects (pixel hunting) are as bad as my skills at finding geocaches. I really enjoyed this game, though, and recommend it for those who appreciate wit and nostalgia more than blowing away Nazis, Aliens, or Zombies. The Tex Murphy Games of the 1990s were wonderful, warmhearted spoofs of the hard-bitten detective genre set in a post-apocalyptic San Francisco. Then Microsoft acquired the game company for its golf and other sports games and dropped the Tex Murphy series. The original creators recently got the rights back and created this game in the same style. Some of the actors, including Tex (Chris Jones) are showing their age, but the new game had the same look and feel, the same self-deprecating wit, and same mostly non-violent, non-pornographic/sexist, non-grisly/gross content. The game play is fair, with hints available if you need them, although some of the hints are pretty obscure (e.g. “Find the hammer on Level 3.” Hey, I’ve searched Level 3 a bunch of times. Where’s the &^%$ hammer?) This is probably the only game review I will ever do in my life, so it’s significant that I enjoyed the game enough to write this.