Susanville geocaching

I haven’t posted in a week because I’ve been up in the Susanville, CA area finding – or, more accurately, hunting – a string of excellent cipher-based geocaches hidden by sujojeepers. I learned that terrain ratings vary quite a bit in different locations. all those 1.5 terrain caches up there would probably be 2.5 or 3 down here in the Bay Area. I was ill-prepared for that. Somehow I had the impression most of them would be grab and go, or close to it. They were not. I trekked through so much dried-weed-strewn area that I had to throw out my socks and shoes at the end. I pulled out hundreds – literally hundreds – of foxtails and stickers that lodged themselves there.

On the plus side, I found more geocaches in a day than ever before, more DNFS, too, and I certainly set a personal record for the most difficulty points found in one day (108). I made a friend into a closer friend, too. I hadn’t geocached with Mike before but I really enjoyed his company, not only in the finding but also in the original puzzle solving. I’m still catching up with things, so I’ll leave it at that.

2 thoughts on “Susanville geocaching

  1. David [Team DEMP]

    Which GCxxxx was your favorite puzzle to solve? If different, which was the hardest?

    I’m not very good at puzzles but sometimes get lucky.

  2. Russ Post author

    David, if you are referring specifically to the ones on this Susanville run, I would say GC4NJ5G because it was the most challenging. Unless you are really into solving ciphers, I doubt you would have much luck with it. Unfortunately, it was among those we did not find. If you are referring to my overall caching life, I would say GCA64C, which is long ago archived. That was not so much due to the puzzle itself which had its errors, but because it cemented my friendship with a fellow geocacher that has lasted to this day (and I got an FTF!)


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