Review of Gypped by Carol Higgins Clark

Gypped (Regan Reilly Mystery, #15)Gypped by Carol Higgins Clark
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I had never read anything by Mary or Carol Higgins Clark, but I had vaguely heard of Regan Reilly mysteries so I grabbed this audiobook in the library. I’ll steer clear of Carol books from now on, but might still give Mary a shot someday. It didn’t begin “Once upon a time…” or end “…lived happily ever after” but it might as well have. It’s somewhere between a Disney fairy tale and a Nancy Drew book – aimed at pre-tweens with vocabulary and sophistication to suit. It’s full of cute little old ladies and cartoony villains. The reader, who didn’t help matters by overacting, had to read very slowly to stretch it to five disks. It wasn’t offensive, or what I would call awful, but I was relieved when I found the last disk popping out of my car player.

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