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To fill the time during these pandemic times, I’ve been conjuring up small programming projects. The latest is something useful to me in my cryptanalysis hobby – a program that splits up undivided text into words. The ciphers that I solve are all standard types for the American Cryptogram Association, and most of them, when solved, produce plaintext that is run together without spaces or punctuation. For the sake of readability, it is handy to break up that text. I threw together a program, but I’d call it just a first draft. It’s more than enough for my purposes, but I may try to refine it just for the fun of it. It definitely breaks in the wrong places from time to time. I thought I’d share some of these examples with you for whatever entertainment value they may have.

i see a frightful mystery involved in all this it i snot the crossbeam it i snot t hero om what do you suspect the innkeeper the most honest ma ninth e world and belonging toon e oft he oldest families inn ur ember g

what is christmas it is tenderness forth e past courage forth e present hope forth e future wonderful

bald maestro conducted richly chromatic harmony of a gust a v ma hler symphony for vast crowd who went wild shouting bravo

adults are kids who owe money i work forty hours a week to bet hi spoor

stratosphere is the only major casino o nth e strip located within las ve gas city limits all others a rein the unincorporated townships of winches te rand paradise

time is the single most used no u ninth e english language and yet there is a venerable strain of intellectual history that proclaims timed oe snot exist

they were indeed a queer looking party that assembled o nth e bank the birds with draggle d feathers the animals with their fur clinging closet o thema nd all dripping wet cross and uncomfortable

you cants hoo tamale in the taillike a quail for a man maybe hot but hes not when hes shot so true

an unmanned satellite called solar max was launched from c a pecan aver alto study the physics of solar flares for more than a year

It seems clear the program has problems with small words, especially “is” and “not”, as well as words not in the word lists I use, especially proper nouns.

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