Our ignorant newsies

Our newscasts regularly describe how American children are not competitive with other countries. This is attributed to inferior education, government policies, bad curricula, parenting, etc. I think they ought to take a look in the mirror first. The grammar, spelling, and logic on display in our TV newscasts, newspapers, etc. from mainstream media are atrocious. Yes, teachers do it, too, but they aren’t paid what NBC and CBS anchors are. You’d think for that kind of money the networks could hire someone who knows how to speak English. It’s no wonder our children don’t measure up when they hear stuff like this every day. The first four I hear constantly from newscasters on all networks. The last few indicate in green who said or wrote that.

“It’s impossible to understate the importance of diet and exercise.”
[“impossible to overstate”]

“…said we would not step foot in…”
[“would not step in…” or “would not set foot in” — step is intransitive, set is transitive]

“Everyone doesn’t understand how to…”
[“Not everyone understands how to…” as written it means no one in the world understands]

“The facts infer…”
[imply, not infer. The listener or reader infers. Facts or speakers imply.]

“Dinosaur bones recently found in Argentina are from the largest mammal ever to walk the earth.” Lester Holt, NBC
[Dinosaurs were not mammals.]

“Disasters keep coming, one after the next.” Local ABC anchor
[“…one after the other.” The word next means it is the one that comes after. ]

“Hiring additional employees will only exasperate the risks.” An ex-FBI agent “expert” on cyber security.
[“exacerbate the risks”. ]

“…kept as a momento…” Chelsea Clinton
[“memento” – it’s based on the word “memory”. ]