Norton Safe Search – now OK

I recently posted a link to this blog and someone told me they were alerted by Norton that it was an unsafe site. I filed a dispute with Norton they removed the rating and declared it safe:

It’s really annoying to find that I’m the victim of a mindless and inaccurate algorithm. I wonder how many people have avoided my blog or links to it due to this?

2 thoughts on “Norton Safe Search – now OK

  1. Bob Smith aka Petite Elite (geocachine)

    Good Afternoon Russ, the notice to some subscribers about your blog been unsafe by Norton is one of the reasons that I have stopped using them. I used Norton for years as my go to safety spotter on the internet. Now I use Malwarebytes and I get fewer notices. Just too many hits on Norton.

  2. Russ Post author

    Bob, I’m glad to hear you found the solution for you. I use Malwarebytes sometimes, too, but it never finds anything. Windows Defender really does the job in my experience. My son is a software engineer and used to work for Microsoft. He has confidence in it and has told me I really don’t need a virus checker.

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