No Cherokee in me

I just got my genetic results back from 23andMe. I have 0% Native American (i.e. American Indian) genetic markers. I’m 99+% European. That squelches a rumor I heard from a genealogist/distant relative that one of our common ancestors was a Cherokee Indian who Anglicized his name. I do have quite a lot of Neanderthal in me, though, more than 85% of the 23andMe population. I also carry a recessive gene for a nasty disease that I’ve never heard of before. No one in my family has that disease so far as I am aware.

The results were moderately interesting, but held fewer surprises than I expected. A lot of what they said I could tell by looking in the mirror (complexion, hair, eye color, no dimples, etc.) Some of it was actually “wrong,” i.e. the genes said I was likely to have something I didn’t have or vice versa, but for all of those traits, it wasn’t a 100% correspondence.

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