In Case of Emergency by Courtney Moreno

In Case of EmergencyIn Case of Emergency by Courtney Moreno
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The lead character is a bisexual female emergency medical technician or EMT. The book is split about 60-40 with her relationship with a lesbian being the 60 and her adventures (and misadventures) taking ambulance calls the 40.

I really liked the 40%. The dark humor, inside jargon, and debunking of TV medical crap all were terrific. I learned that PFO means Pissed and Fell Over, CATS means Cut all to Shit, and a Badge Bunny is a female EMT trying to land a firefighter or cop.

I’m probably being unfair, but I didn’t like the 60%. The author writes well, but I ended up skimming or even skipping most of it. So sue me. I’m a heterosexual male and just can’t relate to a love affair between two badly screwed-up females. Why are romances in novels almost always dysfunctional, populated by people with horrible relationship histories? I guess it sells, but it turns me off.

I think the author and publisher were really going for a romance with this one, not a medical thriller. Only one of the 29 Goodreads reviews is written by a male, although two or three others are not identifiable. Maybe they’re bi, too. That’s usually a sign of a chick lit piece. The nice thing about the way it’s written, though, is that the medical part and romance part are nicely separated by chapter, so it’s easy to cherry-pick what you want to read.

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