How to Blow Up a Pipeline by Andreas Malm

How to Blow Up a PipelineHow to Blow Up a Pipeline by Andreas Malm
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Malm is a Swedish climate activist. This book may be fairly characterized as his manifesto. It is an advocacy piece, but it’s not an actual directive. It’s not written in the imperative mood. It’s mostly a history of climate activism and a fatalistic assertion that we’re nearly doomed and the only logical thing left to do is destruction of the carbon-based fuel infrastructure. It does NOT give actual instructions on how to blow up a pipeline, although it does describe the various successful pipeline attacks that have occurred in the third world, mostly due to regional conflicts, not motivated by eco-terrorism.

For the record, I do not support blowing up pipelines or any sort of property destruction or any lawbreaking in any form for that matter. I drive an electric car and have for the last 12 years and have flown only twice in that time. That’s my contribution. Even so, I see value in a work like this in highlighting how bad the global warming situation has gotten and how our inaction has radicalized people. Perhaps governments will take further action. That said, the writing is rather pedantic, preachy, and obnoxious.

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