Google Trends: Limbaugh vs. Fauci

Here’s a graph showing which person’s name had more searches on Google for the last 30 days, broken down by state. I suppose it’s possible a search may mean the searcher is not familiar with the person whose name they are searching, but I suspect it is more likely that it indicates the searcher wants to get advice from or hear the opinion of the search target. The graph is remarkably instructive, if that is so. Natural selection, I’m rooting for you.

2 thoughts on “Google Trends: Limbaugh vs. Fauci

  1. Russ Post author

    Doesn’t look like that’s what’s driving this one. Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Texas (high population) don’t match NE and West Coast high population states, and Nevada and New Mexico, among others, are exceptions on the low-pop side. To some extent it arguably shows where Covid-19 has hit the hardest, but not entirely. If that were it, Georgia, Michigan, and South Dakota should be red.


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