Google Ngram Viewer Christmas wishes

In my cryptography hobby I often use Google Ngram Viewer to try to guess what words might fit before, after, or even in the middle of a phrase. A few years ago I wrote a story using its predictive ability. I decided to try it again with a Christmas theme and the results are set forth below. Here’s how it works: I fed it the first four words of each sentence followed by an asterisk (e.g. Santa Claus is coming *). The Ngram Viewer responds with the most frequent words to follow that phrase in the millions of books it has scanned. I add the most frequent one to the end and remove the one at the beginning and repeat. So each word is produced by the previous four words. I rather arbitrarily chose where to stop and place a period so as to make a full sentence. So here’s the result.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year and many of them are not even aware of the existence of the world. Santa Claus is coming to town to see the doctor and the patient are in the same position as the first of the two. Joy to the world the first example of a new type of society that is not only a matter of time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

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