Electric vehicle adoption

The map on the left has been circulated quite a bit recently, showing that electric vehicles (EVs) have been doing well in certain states like California, Texas, and New York. That map is misleading, however. Of course states with large populations and large numbers of cars registered are going to have more EVs. The one on the right shows which states have the highest rate of EV adoption based on the percentage of the vehicles in the state that are EVs, a better indication of how EVs have caught on. While many similarities exist between the two maps, it becomes evident from the second chart that states like Hawaii, Vermont, and Nevada are actually among leaders in adopting EVs. Georgia, with its strong state incentive program, now leads the nation in current sales of EVs as a percent, although California still leads in overall percentage registered.

Sources: Energy.gov, CleanTechnica.gov, USEIA. Data is from 2014, the most recent I could find.


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