Crossword: Pandemic

Here in the Bay Area we are in a “shelter in place” mode, so I thought people might need things to do while cooped up. Here is my crossword Pandemic. Click on the puzzle to go to the interactive version, or click on the PDF link below to get a printable copy. I’ll try to keep these coming during the restriction period, so watch this blog. Please feel free to share or forward.


PDF version


One thought on “Crossword: Pandemic

  1. KMCRVgeocaching

    HOT DOG…
    We can now expect another “Cliff Notes” book out by the time our favorite writer is out of shelter in place order…
    Sorry, couldn’t resist, almost done with the latest.
    I know it sucks, my job in Health Care is changing by the day and my son and daughter-in-law are now both out of work this week. Other son is in food service and lucky just changed companies, so hopefully he can keep working; a new paperback would make dad happy. Best of luck, it’s gonna be awhile, can’t believe they cancelled NASCAR racing and now Geocaching events are taking a back-seat too. So back to that new book….


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