Cow Cow Boogie played in fingerstyle guitar

My mother used to play this on the piano and sing it. She sang and played beautifully. I’ve always liked the song but I’ve never seen a fingerstyle guitar arrangement, so I worked this out myself. I probably had the piano music at one time, but I have no idea where it is now. I don’t have tab. I like the lyrics, too, and since I can’t sing on key, I’ve captioned them in. There are a number of versions out there and the lyrics vary. Ella Fitzgerald and The Judds seem to be the best known based on Internet searches, but I like Ella Mae Morse’s version the best.
Credits: Songwriters: RAYE, DON / CARTER, BENNY / DE PAUL, GENE
© Universal Music Publishing Group, WINOGRADSKY/SOBEL, THE HUB MUSIC COMPANY