Cost of energy per mile – gas v. electric

With gas prices soaring, there’s a lot of outrage among the public. Everyone’s prone to blame someone, usually the “opposite” party’s policies. There’s no question that the Republican tax cuts and the Democrat spending plan have both contributed to the current inflation. But let’s just look at the cost of driving a car.

Stop blaming politicians and look in the mirror. If you’d purchased an electric vehicle (EV), you wouldn’t be having this problem. I drive a Volvo XC40 Recharge, an EV. My rough calculations put my energy cost per mile at around 7.5 cents. My wife’s car, an Acura gas car, costs over 20 cents a mile at today’s prices and that doesn’t include other costs the EV doesn’t have like oil changes and the $75 I just paid for a smog check. In California the electric grid uses very little fossil fuel so it’s not affected by the Russia oil ban. America’s policy is to eventually be almost all EV. Norway has done it. It’s time everyone got on board with it. The petroleum age is ending.

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