Mother’s Cookies – no more Macaroons

I used to love Mother’s Macaroons, but I noticed my wife hadn’t bought them in ages. I put them on the grocery list but she came back saying she couldn’t find them. I looked online, and sure enough, they are no longer made. Mother’s Cookies, which was primarily a west coast brand, is now owned by Kellogg. Mother’s went bankrupt in 2008 during the financial crisis and amid an accounting scandal and sold its recipes and brand to Kellogg’s. Many of the varieties have been brought back, at least to the west coast, including English Tea Cookies and Oatmeal, but I haven’t seen macaroons in a long time. There are some indications online that they were available in 2015, but I can’t find any references newer than that. This wouldn’t be so bad if Kellogg’s replaced them with some other brand of macaroons, but my wife has not been able to find any in the four or five markets she frequents.

Kellogg’s, I’m mad at you! Bring back macaroons!


Edit May 2018: we tried Mother’s Coconut Cocadas. They’re terrible. There’s no coconut taste or texture and hardly even sweet. Just crunchy flour. Avoid them.

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